Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Get your life in order... or at least your wardrobe!

Well it's about time!

It's been quite a while since I have posted something, 
partly because I've completely ignored my "goals" for all of last year, 
and partly because... well I guess it's just the one. 
But I'm back and since the "year" doesn't start until Spring (in my book anyways) 
I am right on time! 

I've been back in school for two or so years 
and one of the most common comments I get from people is that they like my style 
and questions on how they could "look put-together" all the time. 
So I am here to share my tips for getting your wardrobe back on track in the new year. 

Now as I've said before, 
I consider my style fairly minimalistic and conservative. 
But you can take the general concepts and apply them to your style. 
That being said, let's get started:

You might want some caffeine before you start off on this adventure! 

- Wash all of your clothes and hang them up or fold them 
so you can see what you have to work with.
 Take a shower (without washing your hair if it's long because it will get all of your collars wet)
- Turn on a fan and start the fashion show! 
(no seriously, turn on a fan or you'll be hot and frustrated within the first three outfits)

I'm always running late so keeping the top part of an outfit on a single hanger saves time, and closet space!
When I'm in full-on adulting mode, I will have all of my clothes hung-up by the outfit
It also helps to check the weather report for the next day
and choose your outfit the night before just in case
you have to get ready in a hurry
But before you can organize your outfits, you'll need to see how your clothes fit you 
and what items complement each other:

- Try on your clothes and pair different items
until you find something comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

*psst, I mostly wear black and white with a pop of color,
but if you're having a hard time figuring out what goes together
colors that are across from each other on the color wheel make a great pair!

My outfits generally consist of an undershirt and a sweater, 
or a shirt with a cardigan /kimono  
- Put your newly formed outfits on a hanger for fast fashion.
I will place skirts and shorts together with the shirt I like to pair it with.
But since I usually just wear skinny jeans I do not pair them on hangers with the tops
(although there are some outfits that I like to wear specific jeans with). 
- Note that you may not always have a fully put together outfit, 
some of my outfits took time to make just right for my style.
- Set the oddballs off to the side for a rainy day, or laundry day, whichever comes first!
I will generally use these stray shirts for when I know I'll be wearing 
a heavy coat for a majority of the day so I don't "waste" a cute outfit.

I like adding this bird scarf to this so it's not so plain and it compliments the "V" pattern
Along with picking out tops and bottoms that go together 
- plan ahead what shoes and accessories fit the style best. 
Since I generally wear flats it's just a matter of choosing the color. 
- Likewise pick out which necklace or scarf and/or earrings to pair them with. 
It is unlikely that I will pair a necklace and scarf (since the necklace will be hidden)
or a necklace and earrings (because like I said, minimalist). 
I also rarely wear rings, bracelets, belts or hats so I don't incorporate them in my outfit planning unless I know I'll wear them for sure. 
But choose whatever works for you!

For example, I love wearing a cat-eye with red lipstick for this outfit!
I do not wear daily make-up
My reasoning being that when I do wear make-up, 
I want it to give an extra oomf and grant me compliments
rather than having to hear, "You look tired" on the days that I don't. 
That being said, there are some outfits that I know I want to wear make-up with.
For some it is because the outfit is dressed down and I want to dress it up,
in other cases it's because I want to be extra girly
- If you're into it, take time to find what make-up looks you like with your outfits, you do you!
- If you're into nail polish, get your nails done or paint them yourself for a finished look.
Or if you're like me and don't paint your nails very often*, 
just give them a trim and a swipe of a nail file to even them out.

Most importantly have fun finding new ways to express yourself and above all remember: 
Confidence is Key!

Want to know what I use to wear? Check out the video on my style through the ages!

*I used to paint my nails quite often but when I got back into art I would get frustrated when I went to brush away eraser dust and a semi-circle of my nail polish would appear on my page!

Friday, March 11, 2016

New Year, New Me: The Game plan

I've been hesitant about posting this one,
because with it, comes some form of accountability
and I'm not exactly know for being consistent...

But here we go:

I've often said that I could be healthier if I ever really put my mind to it, 
and after the umpteenth time of feeling winded 
from ascending a flight of stairs or playing tug-o-war with the dog, 
I've decided that that far off "someday" might just need to be today...

I won't say my goal is to be skinny, I've never really cared to have a picture perfect body, 
as can be seen by my lazily-shaven legs, scar-covered knees and unevenly-tanned body, 
but I do desire to build my endurance

With my BP  (before puberty) body, I used to love running, 
let me rephrase, I used to love out-running people, on foot and bikes alike. 
I loved to rush past my friends with loud bouts of laughter,
 knowing they couldn't catch up to me unless I stopped. 
I want that back. I want to enjoy exercising and to have the energy to run for love of it again.
And like I said, I could do it... if I put my mind to it. So why not
Even if it's just to see what a little work put in could do in let's say... 12 weeks. 

So what do you say? Want to join me?
Here's the game plan, let's see what could happen:

To kick things off right we'll need to: 

Sleep, Hydrate, Refuel, Workout & Repeat!

Now these all sound simple enough in theory 
but without specifics it's hard to execute your game plan.

So here are my specifics: 

Sleep: Preferably get 7-8 hours of sleep, with a minimum of 5-6,
and avoid over-sleeping since that can lead to lethargy.

Hydrate: Pick a water I "like" and drink
(or work my way up to drinking) at least a gallon a day,
simultaneously cutting back on sugary, juice & carbonated drinks.

Refuel: Plan small-portion meals and snacks (preferably) for the week (with a friend)
making sure to sate cravings for sweet, salty and crunchy things 
with fruit, nuts and even popcorn or dark chocolate occasionally.
(Plus this will help cut back on eating out and save money!)

Workout: Pick an "fun" activity and do it a minimum of 3 days a week
plus walking everyday.
Drawing inspiration from Blogilaties and Couch to 5K plan. 

Also, while I know it is not absolutely necessary to have cute workout gear in order to get in shape
I also know it can add a nudge of encouragement
therefore here are a few sites with reasonably priced active-wear:

Clothing Under $10
Old Navy
just my size
Rainbeau Curves
Forever 21

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Low-Cost Business Attire for All!

Oh my, it has been a while, and I thought I had done so well posting 
an early Valentines Day blog...

Well I am back and still sneaking peeks outside of my comfort zone 
in an effort to bring to you something new. 
This time it's business attire tips! 

But before we get any further 
let me just put a little disclaimer out there... 
I know nothing about business casual attire from work experience
The closest I've come to career clothes is watching my spiritual mom 
pick outfits to bring on her business trip. 

However, I have been granted with the elusive gift of fashion sense (hopefully),
so you be the judge ^__^

Make a pop!

From pretty prints to contrasting colors,
adding just a little something
to your wardrobe can keep it 
youthful in the work-place.

For the Fellas: This is a great use of
your tie or socks.

Partake in the patterns.

Whether it's a kimonos or a top,
patters are a great way to give a
simple outfit, that extra oomph.

For the fellas: Pssst, your shirts can have patterns too!

Throw in some stripes!
The verdict is in, 
and it says stripes are adorable,
so rock them!

For the fellas: Ditto,
only swap the word
adorable with awesome!

And lastly:

Grab a sweater!
Offices are all too known for being 
just above freezing,
so don't forget to grab 
a cute thing to keep you warm.

For the fellas: If sweaters
are not your style,
remember cardigans
and vests 
can compliment your wardrobe 

without compromising your class

And you know I wouldn't have gone through all the trouble
of trying on all those looks
if I wasn't going to give you a few places to try out for yourself:

There's also, Gwennie Bee in case 
you don't want to actually have to buy an entirely new wardrobe.

and I didn't forget about the men this time:

Also check out the other links on my last post for male attire

I hope this helps a little in your journey to finding great work clothes. 
Above all, just have fun experimenting new styles 
and remember, Confidence is Key.