Thursday, February 28, 2013

Size Matters: 2 steps to finding the right sized bra + where to buy one!

I can understand any confusion the title might give someone who was sure they were just browsing through plus size blogs. But before you completely disregard any advice I have to give, please note, I am not talking about weight, I'm talking about bras, and how to wear them...

For starters I cannot begin to express the importance of getting a right sized bra, let's just say they are the only thing I spend any real money on. So to save you from repeating the mistakes I made all throughout my teenage years, here's how to make sure if you are wearing the right size... 

This is my (not really) guaranteed, simplest way to find out your bra size:

Take a measuring tape [a simple piece of string and a ruler will do the same job]

and take the measurement around your back and under your breast, make sure the tape/ string is snug but not digging into your sides. This will be your band size. If you land on a half or odd number round down because bras stretch and there is nothing worse than your favorite bra becoming too loose.

Mine was 43 and since you should always round an odd number down,  my band size is 42
Then take the measurement around your back across the top of your chest.

Yikes, 51, had a little trouble accepting that one...
Now subtract the waist from the bust measurements to get the difference.
Then starting with A at 1 inch go up the alphabet to find your bra size:

0 = AA
1 = A
2 = B
3 = C
4 = D
5 = E = DD
6 = F = DDD
7 = G 
8 = H
9 = I
10 = J
and so on...

The quicker way to find this result: keeping the tape straight and starting from the beginning of your breast (usually a third of the way under the armpit) take the measurement of how far out they go out, all the way to your nipple. This will determine your bra size...

Mine is 8 inches, putting the two together that makes me a 42H
Now everyone's different so, if you've tried this method before and your bra still just doesn't feel right 
Try this next method:

Take the measurement around your back and across the fullest point of your breast

Still can't get over this XD
Then take the measurement around your back across the top of your chest.

44 it is then... making my size this way a G 
Subtract the second measurement from the first, to find your bra size when using the same alphabet system (note the band size is still the same in either method)

I personally don't like this method because it's not as accurate for me, seeing as if I wear a size G the under-wire will snap, yes snap, within the first month...

Although I must mention that all measuring tips and tricks are meant to be a starting point, because breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore it is always best to go in a store and try on a few sizes to see which works best for you. 

To sum it all up though, I want you to know that as important as wearing the right bra size is, the size itself does not matter, boobs are boobs and big or small, everyone loves them.

Although this should go without mentioning, I must ask you to please remember to actually wear your bra, because nothing makes your friends, coworkers and even strangers feel more awkward, than watching your girls fly around all free willy and having to pretend not to notice ... 

Now where do I get these crazy sized bras, you might ask. Well so far I've only found three sites that I'd be willing to recommend because they do not cost an arm and a leg. 

There is Lane Bryant which goes up to a 44H online and has quite a few bras under $45. 
Next is Sanctuarie Designs which goes to 54DDD and stays under $35. 
And last but not least is Linda The Bra Lady which goes up to a 50N and they have a ton of bras for under $55. 

I especially like the last one because there are well written descriptions along with advice for each bra.  

So, now that you know how to get a bra that fits, let me also mention how, that knowledge will be useless if you are not wearing the right size clothing. Wearing things that fit rather than, stuff that is too small, is the difference between showing off your curves and creating rolls. And if no one has ever told you, curves are a thousand times more attractive than faux rolls. So when it comes down to choosing the 1X that you know won't fit you right or the 3X that might be a little loose. Choose the later because flowy tops spark the imagination while keeping you comfortable. 

That's it for now, so remember, compliment the curves and love the body you're in because Confidence is Key. 

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