Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shopping outside of the box

As a post-challenge post, I wanted to talk about how I am stepping outside of my shopping comfort zone.
I understand how scary it is to shop online. On the web you can't: try on the clothes, feel the fabric or check the quality of the material. But this week I have decided to put my fashion faith in the size chart and customer reviews. So with the nervousness put at bay, came the second challenge. Finding low cost, curve friendly clothing sites. Note that while this will sound like a simple online search for plus size clothing, in reality I looked at over 120 sites in search for low-cost  fashion.

First stop was City Chic and while staying exclusively in the sale section I was pleasantly surprised to find a selection of cute dresses marked down to the more reasonable price of around $30. And while I did find a few dresses that piqued my interest I unfortunately was not able to find any left in my size. But hey, it was worth a try. 

As for the next one on my virtual window shopping list, I ventured to Alloy. Once again I found myself in the clearance section. Where I spotted some under $20 dresses and under $10 shirts, which is just my price range. However I still didn't feel the need to buy anything just yet. 

I even stopped by Etsy for a moment, before realizing a vast majority of it was worse than the retro plus size section at an overpriced Thrift Store, and moved on.

Saving the most promising for last, I finally peaked into the sales section of Forever21's plus size line Faith21 where I was happy to find a few cute things for under $25 a piece. But I must say the size chart did have me a bit worried at first when it said the bust was only for 49", but I tested that theory right away with the dress I recently bought in-store at XXI and was happy to find it still fit me quite nicely. 

Either way with this accomplished and my need to touch material still not out of the way, I decided to go on a bit of an adventure and let Yelp direct me to three more "curve friendly thrift stores" in my area. It went a little something like this: not plus size, not a thrift store and non-existent. 

But never one to be easily dismayed I took a trip down to the mall instead where I was reminded that JC Penney has great in-store clearance sections, as well as online. Which, given the state of the clearance rack in-store, is quite tempting. And while I didn't actually go there it reminded me that on occasion Kohls has a few decent things under $20 in their sale's section both in-stores and online.

Finally ending in a shopping center that contained both a Ross and a Store-wide clearanced Kmart, I managed to find a cute polka dot, buttoned down shirt at Ross that went perfectly with a flowy, high-waisted, knee-length skirt from Kmart. Both under $15. Now if only I could to find some red pumps which I've had my heart set on since October... 

Moving on
here are a few other low cost sites:
Old Navy

(another up and coming store that I really like it FashionQ although it is only in California, in stores for now)

I'll leave you with two last tips for shopping online.

1) Look at the size chart, it will help, it really will! 
2) If the size chart looks a bit skeptical buy two of the same thing in different sizes, then you can just keep the one that fits and return the other. 
With that I hope you can treat yourself to a low-cost shopping spree and remember, Confidence is Key.

Check out my shopping results here: Online Shopping - the uncover

My lovely friend also recommended One Stop Plus to me, and I must say after just a quick peak in their clearance section, I was not let down. A vast amount of their clearanced items are under $30.

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