Friday, May 17, 2013

Sneaky Summer Spoilers!

Growing up I never paid any mind to how long I was out in the sun. And at one point even believed that I "didn't burn" because of my mixed-race status. But alas I met the harsh truth one week at summer camp and had to face facts, that I do burn (badly). And despite what you may have heard, just know that we all do, whether you're rich dark chocolate, warm caramel or creamy macadamia you will burn if you stay out in the sun too long. (Oh how I enjoyed finding this out with my good friend who is a lovely dark brown) So before I even get started let me say wear sun screen! Because when you're going to a pool party on a warm Summer night it's one thing, but when you're going to the beach on a hot Summer day, it's a whole 'nother story! Therefore I have come up with a few ways to save oneself from the embarrassment of horrid tan-lines and more this time around.

What to be aware of : 

Unique straps are perfect for indoor pools and evenings
when you don't have to worry about the sun.

Straps around the neck or across the back can be eye-catching, but they often leave unsightly tun lines, forcing you to  cover up until the lines fade.

Likewise if the swimsuit is straight on top rather than curved, chances are you'll get a line clear across your chest, which can get a bit awkward when wearing lower cut tops.

Swimsuits without support are like bras without support, they're no good! (Fix this and add shape by pairing it with a matching wireless bra underneath)

Having ties, bows and ribbons on a swimsuit can be cute just make sure they aren't so large that they will cause discomfort while sunbathing.

A tankini top with swim shorts are a cute sporty pair when done right. 

Much like the problem with bathing suits that cut straight across the chest, ones with too narrow a curve can be an issue when it comes to tan lines.

Beware the pads! Padding just becomes an unnecessary bother once your chest reaches a certain size. Be careful when buying swimsuits with ill fitting padding, which tend to move and flip around with a mind of their own.

Just as you should with clothing make sure your swimsuit is the right size, ie. the most flattering  Because although the swimsuit it going to cling to us once we get out of the water, there's no need to give it a helping hand!

Ruffles at the bottom of your swim suit are perfect
for adding a smoothing effect.

Choose a bathing suit top with a curve that matches your natural bra line for the least headache just in case you get burnt or super tan.

Support is always important, and even more so the larger your size. If any padding is involved make sure it's sewn in to avoid any hassle. And above all, try to find a swimsuit that you can feel comfortable in, preferably one that enhances your curves and smooths over your problem areas.

Two swimsuits I obviously do not have,
 but would be very tempted to buy, if they existed

...well except I would want the mesh without it being strapless...

Two other bathing suit options you might be able to find this Summer are the strapless and the infamous high-waisted bikini aka the fatkini (Which is perfect for the trend this Summer of showing off your midrift).

Speaking of what's in style keep in mind that white, aqua, floral, ruffles, metallic, monochrome, geisha, cultural and minimal are all the rage right now.

That's all for now. I sincerely hope this has helped you with your search for the perfect way to rock this summer. So have fun, don't forget the sunscreen and as always remember Confidence is Key (it had to be for me to have talked myself into doing this blog post, +1 for the non-use of Photoshop!).

red is SO last year
UPDATE: So this is approximately how I would look in an actual High-Waisted Bikini

1X Bombshell Bikini Bottom - $11.80 at Forever 21

FYI while I did want to give you a realistic idea of how a big girl would look in a "fatkini" 
I actually do not plan on wearing it like that. 
I plan on pairing the
High Waisted Bikini bottoms + Tankini top
so that when the top floats up 
my tummy will still be covered ^__^

Because lets be honest while I can be bold on this blog, I'm still conservative in reality!


  1. I always have the worst time finding a bathing suit! I usually just end up in a t shirt and shorts because that's the only thing I have that fits me. Thanks!

  2. fatkini says it all xc than you for doing this though michie ^^

  3. Hey pillows its andrew .... looking good!!!

  4. The Bikini looks so good on you! "Bombshell" is the right word for that. I hope you'll be wearing it one day because it's a really nice bikini on a beautiful woman that really flatters your curves!

  5. I like the 1X Bombshell Bikini (:


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