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How to be a stylish Big man in an Average sized world

92% of women prefer a man who they consider to be ‘well dressed’. Are you doing it right?

In a world where Plus Size beauty and fashion are becoming increasingly popular it's amazing how hard it is for big man to find good, decently priced clothing. I've never known this to be more true then when I had to go shopping for my brother. And let's just say, once you reach a big three, 3X that is, it's nearly impossible  to find clothes. So it's no wonder big men are labeled with the bad reputation of dressing "sloppy". I'd be discouraged too if I had to face the limited styles available to me on an everyday basis... oh that's right I do so  I'm here to "help a brotha' out" literally! Let's get over the negativity and talk about what you can do to fix your style and appearance so you'll start catching the eye of the opposite sex. Plus ladies you can take a quick peek at this too, to make sure you're not doing any of these things either!

Your Hygiene

Unlike this guy, go for a tee with a small v neck shape, which can make your neck look slimmer.

Smelly will never equal Sexy - No matter how unnecessary it might seem that I am mentioning this, I still believe it needs to be said that you should shower, put on deodorant, brush your teeth and wear clean clothes daily. It's not an option to skip out on this and I assure you, no matter how understanding a girl is, she is going to appreciate her man smelling good. (As for cologne, men, I personally like the Tommy HilfigerMichael Jordan and Paris for men from Bath and Body Works, but see what works for you.)

Those with class, don't have ash - You would be surprised by how many people I meet on a daily basis that don't know this. Not to saying that I never get ashy, we all get ashy sometimes, the darker you are the more you know this statement is true, but at least make an effort to put on some lotion when you see it. Now I'm not telling you to go out and but some frilly smelling lotion and rub your body head to toe but a little Jergens never hurt anyone. Therefore at least make sure the areas you have a habit of showing (ie: face, neck, arms, hands, legs, and feet) are covered. Because no girl wants to be caressed by sandpaper.

Unlike this guy, when given the chance accept a little grooming of the eyebrows 
because two are always better than one.

You're a man not a grizzly - If you are one of those men who likes to keep facial hair, find a length you like then keep it groomed, edges should be neatly lined and flyaways should be clipped off. On the other hand if you are one doesn't particularly need or want long facial hair then shave yo' face! Daily! While you are a manly man and want to keep your male mystic it is important that you stay groomed this includes your underarm hair which shouldn't be so that long it's braidable. And the same goes for the hair on your head, make sure it's maintained and if you're bald don't have a flaky scalp.

Your Wardrobe

Cover the Gut, Cover the Butt - We have all be exposed to the unplesentness of an exposed "plummers crack", to avoid being the one at fault here make sure the clothing you are wearing is the right size! Not so small so your underbelly is hanging out and not so loose that it makes you look like you just came back from a grunge concert. An easy way to accomplish this is by buying your shirts in "tall" whenever you can to ensure they will be long enough and investing in a belt. Basically just don't be a slob, because it's one thing to be fat, but it's a whole 'nother to be lazy so don't be that guy.

No-no with knees - I am a firm believer that all men everywhere, of all shapes and  sizes should avoid wearing shorts above the knee. So please keep your masculinity and just do not wear shorts with anything more than an inch possibly two above the knee, even in the summer.

Add a low neck tank or a plain tee with a small v neck, underneath a matching button-down shirt
and undo the top few buttons for a more comfortable and casual look
Add some color - If you are the type to stick to the black, brown and grays in your wardrobe, don't be afraid to throw some color in there. If nothing else at least invest in some navy blue, royal purple and dark maroon. Likewise if you are someone who only wears bright/neon orange, yellow, and lime green colors take a chance to tone down and go with burnt orange, gold, and forest green. And although bold patterns can make anyone nervous don't pass up on a chance to wear vertical stripes such as pinstripes which give off a more slimming effect. (Also avoid wearing light grey t-shirts since sweat stains are very apparent in them.)

Pay attention to your socks - Especially when wearing dark shoes (such as dress shoes), make sure you are wearing dark socks or at the very least shocks that are not bulky and absolutely do not wear huge white socks, they will ruin your look! (Also pay attention to the style of your shoe bulky shoes can  cramp a style just as much as an overly baggy t-shirt) 

Your Outlook

A narrow mind never gets the girl - I understand that you like a nice body to look at, but don't turn a girl down just because she has got a few extra pounds. You know that you are pretty awesome while still being overweight, the same might apply to your potential girl. (Not to mention you can always work on your weight together, no one ever said we have to be stuck at this size.)

A briefcase is better than cargo pants - If you are someone who tends to carry a lot of things avoid wearing cargo pants which can add extra bulk and make you appear wider and instead invest in a Briefcase, Laptop bag or a Messenger bag. However at all costs avoid wearing a man purse (obviously). Here's how to make sure you don't get stuck on the wrong side of fashion, if the bag is too small to fit a full size laptop, it is a purse.

Good posture makes the hearts go wild - Having good posture says a lot about a man. When you stand up straight it gives off an air of confidence and security which is something every woman is looking for in a man. And it doesn't hurt that it can make you look a good 10 or 15 pounds slimmer.

Let your personality show - Much like with plus size women who use their beauty and personality to catch the attention of the opposite sex, men need to use their personality and humor to catch the interest of women. So don't be afraid to step outside of your shell, talk to a few people and maybe even tell a few jokes. (And never pass up on a chance to prove that chivalry is not dead, being a gentleman can take you a long way.)

Your Online Dating Profile

Add a tie and a three button blazer to your button down shirt for a more formal look.

Real you = Real potential - When making an online dating profile, post an up to date picture! I have no problem with a big guy (in fact I love them) but I want to know that you look like the you in a picture not 10 years older and 60 pounds heavier! This means, do not use your picture from high school. I understand you used to be the star player on football team but you are not that guy anymore, your Letterman no longer fits and neither does that image. This is incredibly important for when you finally go on a date, because if you have a picture that doesn't look like you the girl will be more focused on how you don't match up then on what you are saying. If you're having a hard time getting an up to date picture that looks good, have your sister or a good friend (especially if it's a female) take some pictures for you. (And please avoid using a photo where you are scowling at the camera, you want to attract women not scare them away.)

Dress to impress - You don't have to look like a million bucks but at least make an effort when going out on a date. That means that even if it's your favorite outfit, do not wear that shirt with a hole in it, those jeans torn at the bottom from standing you on them or those shoes so used that the rubber is falling of of them, because that's not what the restaurant meant when they said casual.

Well that's all for now, I hope this has helped you a little when it comes to your outlook on being a good looking big man. I'll leave you with a few links on where you can get clothing for Big & Tall guys that is low cost (which is so hard to find by the way) . So until next time remember confidence it key.

Here are a few fairly lost cost XL male clothing stores: 
and if you can find near one you definitely stop in at a Ross

Style pioneers for the big man:

Anthony Anderson & Cedric the Entertainer

Need more help? Well this is pretty funny... 
10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

Until next time, remember, Confidence is Key.

Also a big thanks to my big brother for letting me use him as a model for this post! ^__^ 


  1. You did a awesome job with his make over. Great job he really look good. Hope that he likes it and will try to do it hisself some time. - Juandra

  2. He is gorgeous.


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