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Low-cost, Curvy Girl Costumes, what more is there to say!

I may have been a bit MIA lately (since I lost my favorite camera) but you know I wouldn't leave you hanging on this one, not when it involves my favorite holiday Halloween! And while I have a habit of making all of my costumes by hand (because I'm a big kid and always want to be some cartoon no ones ever heard of), I can understand that not everyone wants to do that. So I'm going to give you some sites where you can get cute low cost costumes for the curvy figure and maybe even some tips on how to create your own costume while we're at it, so let's get started!


I love Walmart and all, but do not buy the Cleopatra wig from there, it will look terrible and you will regret it,
especially if you have a round face and big head of hair like I do. 

Now first off, let's get the obvious out of the way with Party City, they have a few costumes in their clearance section for under $35 and they say they go up to 4X. My only real problem with them is they aren't made for exceptionally busty women so my advice is, if there is a store near you call them and see of they have your size and can hold it, then go in and try it on.

The other obvious one is Walmart, they have a decent amount of costumes for under $35 and they go up to size 16-20. In store I bought the Cleopatra one once and the fit was good, the material is just itchy and  thin, so make sure you wear something underneath (especially since there's no real fastening, just some Velcro in the back)!

As for the rest of these I haven't shopped from them before but hey low pricesBut before we go any further let me say this, before ordering your costume and when shopping online in general, always, always, ALWAYS check the size chart, if they don't have one, check the reviews! This will save you a LOT of time in the long run and if you do end up getting something from them tell me how your experience went ^__^

Halloween Costumes - Tons from $12 to $40 and they go up yo 7X! 
One Stop Plus - A good amount of costumes for under $35, in up to 4X & "OneSize"
Costume Discounters - So many for under $35, in up to size 3X
Halloween Costume Depo - Handful for under $35 and they go up to 4X
Costume Express - Lots for under $40, in up to 2X
Yandy - A nice amount for under $50, in up to 4X
Halloween Mart - Great amount both Male and Female for under $50 but they only go to 3X
and last but not least 
Sanctuarie Designs - With a few under $50, in up to 9X (sweet!)

This and That

I had so much fun drawing on this look!
There are a ton of costumes that can be "thrown together" with just a few pieces of clothes you already have and the right application of make-up and jewelry, I should know I do it all the time! Therefore I am just going to throw out some suggestions, so think about if you have the pieces and if it would work for you, you might just see an idea you like!

Creepy Scarecrow
Throw on a straw sun hat
pair this with a checkered or even plaid shirt
Put on blue jeans (the ripped/distressed kind would be best
unless you happen to have some overalls in the back of your closet)
add brown flats or wedges and do your make-up accordingly. 
This look can easily be more cute than "creepy" if you make the "stitches" even 
and leave out the ones around your actual lips

Tie a simple red scarf or black bandanna around your head
Throw on a flowy white top 
and a high-low red or black vest/cardigan (the opposite of your bandanna)
Put a large black or brown belt around your waist over the other clothing
Next add a red, black, dark brown, dark grey, or horizontal striped skirt or skinny jeans
(just make sure you choose a different color from your vest/cardigan/sweater)
If you are wearing a solid color skirt feel free to throw some horizontal striped or black leggings/tights underneath. 
And lastly put on some dark brown or black boots (heal or not) 
As for make-up for this look go with red lips and smokey black eyes
Add a chunky jeweled ring with some gold hoop earrings and you're all set.


This look is almost exactly like the pirate only with more color
On top of a flowy white shirt, thrown on an under breast corset in any color 
if you're so lucky to have one, if not don't worry about it.
Add one on those long, pleated maxi skirts that everyone except me seems to have
fold a long scarf (preferably one with those golden tassels) triangle like and tie it around your hips with the knot off to the side
Tie a brightly colored scarf around your head, 
add some sandals or flats and that's it for the clothing. 
For jewelry and make-up: put on an ankle bracelet
add hoop or dangley earrings, with lots of bangles 
and dark red lips and winged brown eye-shadow

Prom Queen

Put on that shiny dress you have (you know the one)
get a flower with the scrunchie attached so you can put it around your wrist like a corsage
Add a crown
Using a plain white infinity scarf (if you can find one) or 
Using regular typing paper cut in half (4.25in x 11in) tape the pieces together end to end to 
create a "ribbon" long enough to go around your body like an over the shoulder messenger bag. 
Write Smallville Prom Queen (or whatever).
Add over the top make-up and heals/flats to finish the look 
or use grey facepaint and/or fake blood to turn this look into a Zombie or Carrie costume


I adore lion costumes, I'm one like every 4 or 5 years! 
For the lion look wear a solid yellow, gold, or orange dress 
Add ears and a tail if you have them, 
if you do not have them than forget the tail and draw your ears on your forehead
For the rest of your make-up wing your eyeliner out 
and in in the inner corner of your eyes (by your nose) bring eyeliner down 
Next cover just the bottom of your nose with black to create the lions nose
then draw a line going from your nose to your top lip, 
color in your top lip black and your bottom lip white (for these steps I used eyeliner pencils)
with the black make little freckles above your lips and with the white add a few whiskers on ether side of your face.
To complete the look wear your hair out and wear it big, if you have straight or flat hair feel free to tease or curl it a little to give it more volume. 

More simple costume ideas:
Paper Doll
Frida Kahlo
Flo from Progressive
Leela from Futurama
Miley Cyrus from her weird concert
Pop Art Comic Girl
Powerpuff Girl
Broken Doll
Rosie the Riveter
Sugar skull
Tooth Fairy
Ventriloquist Doll 
and so many more that I can't fit them all here!

Well there you have it, I hope this has given you an idea on where to shop or what to create for Halloween, I for one am making my own costume (psst I'm going to be Eep from DreamWorks, The Croods) pictures to come after the holiday, but in case you were wondering she looks like this...

Until next time, remember Confidence is Key ^__^


  1. Could you say how you made your Eep costume? I love Eep and want to be her for halloween but not sure how to get/make the right pattern for her dress. Much appreciated!!


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