Friday, July 11, 2014

Everyday can be Mothers Day

For Mothers Day this year I gave my mom a makeover and posted the results to Facebook. At the time, I said that I would post the before and after pictures here. However, being the ever procrastinative person that I am, I never got around to it. The only difference this time from my usual laze-about ways was that my delay started out with good intention... before fading into an afterthought. Because this time, I wanted to find an eloquent way to say that, while I happened to do this particular make-over for my mom on Mothers Day, we ought to remember our mom everyday and show her that we love her. Even if it's just in the little things we do like, listen to that story she's already told us three times, without having a pestered look on our face, it makes a difference.

That being said, it doesn't take long to notice that I never found that perfect way to phrase such sentiments. Nevertheless I feel now is the time to speak on it, because just this past Tuesday my mother died. Now I am not going to claim that there is not a space left, that used to be filled with her presence, because there is. I've spent the better part of my life accommodating and caring for my mom. So much so that tending to the needs of people has become second nature to me. But I can say that I am blessed with the knowledge that (for the most part) during her time on this Earth, I did everything in my power to make my mom feel loved and special.

On this blog I often say confidence is key, and I say that because of this, my mom did not have confidence. She could never see past her weight. She believed that that was all there was to her and she would never be able to find clothes that would fit or be able to wear make-up right or ever be able to be seen as anything other than fat. But let me tell you this, my mom wasn't bad looking, sure, she had her weight and other issues but she had a a fairly wrinkle-less face (a perk that comes with being overweight, no Botox needed here, thank you) and she had the gumption to start up a conversation with just about anyone. So throw a new dress and a little make-up in the mix and her confidence levels would be ready to go. So that's just what we did...

I got her out of that old hospital gown that she clung to as her security blanket and I put her in her the new dresses I talked her into getting. I accessorized her with the jewelry I had bought her long ago and applied the make-up that she had never even taken out of the box. The results were all I could hope for, my mom loved getting makeovers but for that while, in that new dress, she couldn't wipe her smile off of her face. She would never wear the look for very long, but man would she tell anyone who would listen and show the pictures to anyone who would stop for a moment. So it just goes to show you that that little thing, something that couldn't have taken more than 20-30 minutes, made her feel so Special.

Now I'm not saying you have to give your mother a makeover, but I hope you will take some time to find out what she likes and every once in a while surprise her. It can be anything from buying her favorite food, to picking up something with her favorite animal on it just as a "Thinking of you" gift. And this doesn't apply just to biological mothers, this is all inclusive. We all have a man or woman we look up to and maybe on occasion even wish was our natural parent, so make sure to spend some time with them this day, this week, this month, whenever, just take a moment to talk and laugh with the ones you love.

We only have so many moments in this life, so enjoy them, and as always, remember, 
Confidence is Key.

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  1. Hello Gorgeous. I love your blog. Your mom has a beautiful smile!
    I welcome you to my blog. Check me out. Id love to see what you think about it.
    Ttyl Sunshine!


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