Sunday, July 26, 2015

Low-Cost Business Attire for All!

Oh my, it has been a while, and I thought I had done so well posting 
an early Valentines Day blog...

Well I am back and still sneaking peeks outside of my comfort zone 
in an effort to bring to you something new. 
This time it's business attire tips! 

But before we get any further 
let me just put a little disclaimer out there... 
I know nothing about business casual attire from work experience
The closest I've come to career clothes is watching my spiritual mom 
pick outfits to bring on her business trip. 

However, I have been granted with the elusive gift of fashion sense (hopefully),
so you be the judge ^__^

Make a pop!

From pretty prints to contrasting colors,
adding just a little something
to your wardrobe can keep it 
youthful in the work-place.

For the Fellas: This is a great use of
your tie or socks.

Partake in the patterns.

Whether it's a kimonos or a top,
patters are a great way to give a
simple outfit, that extra oomph.

For the fellas: Pssst, your shirts can have patterns too!

Throw in some stripes!
The verdict is in, 
and it says stripes are adorable,
so rock them!

For the fellas: Ditto,
only swap the word
adorable with awesome!

And lastly:

Grab a sweater!
Offices are all too known for being 
just above freezing,
so don't forget to grab 
a cute thing to keep you warm.

For the fellas: If sweaters
are not your style,
remember cardigans
and vests 
can compliment your wardrobe 

without compromising your class

And you know I wouldn't have gone through all the trouble
of trying on all those looks
if I wasn't going to give you a few places to try out for yourself:

There's also, Gwennie Bee in case 
you don't want to actually have to buy an entirely new wardrobe.

and I didn't forget about the men this time:

Also check out the other links on my last post for male attire

I hope this helps a little in your journey to finding great work clothes. 
Above all, just have fun experimenting new styles 
and remember, Confidence is Key.

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