Friday, March 11, 2016

New Year, New Me: The Game plan

I've been hesitant about posting this one,
because with it, comes some form of accountability
and I'm not exactly know for being consistent...

But here we go:

I've often said that I could be healthier if I ever really put my mind to it, 
and after the umpteenth time of feeling winded 
from ascending a flight of stairs or playing tug-o-war with the dog, 
I've decided that that far off "someday" might just need to be today...

I won't say my goal is to be skinny, I've never really cared to have a picture perfect body, 
as can be seen by my lazily-shaven legs, scar-covered knees and unevenly-tanned body, 
but I do desire to build my endurance

With my BP  (before puberty) body, I used to love running, 
let me rephrase, I used to love out-running people, on foot and bikes alike. 
I loved to rush past my friends with loud bouts of laughter,
 knowing they couldn't catch up to me unless I stopped. 
I want that back. I want to enjoy exercising and to have the energy to run for love of it again.
And like I said, I could do it... if I put my mind to it. So why not
Even if it's just to see what a little work put in could do in let's say... 12 weeks. 

So what do you say? Want to join me?
Here's the game plan, let's see what could happen:

To kick things off right we'll need to: 

Sleep, Hydrate, Refuel, Workout & Repeat!

Now these all sound simple enough in theory 
but without specifics it's hard to execute your game plan.

So here are my specifics: 

Sleep: Preferably get 7-8 hours of sleep, with a minimum of 5-6,
and avoid over-sleeping since that can lead to lethargy.

Hydrate: Pick a water I "like" and drink
(or work my way up to drinking) at least a gallon a day,
simultaneously cutting back on sugary, juice & carbonated drinks.

Refuel: Plan small-portion meals and snacks (preferably) for the week (with a friend)
making sure to sate cravings for sweet, salty and crunchy things 
with fruit, nuts and even popcorn or dark chocolate occasionally.
(Plus this will help cut back on eating out and save money!)

Workout: Pick an "fun" activity and do it a minimum of 3 days a week
plus walking everyday.
Drawing inspiration from Blogilaties and Couch to 5K plan. 

Also, while I know it is not absolutely necessary to have cute workout gear in order to get in shape
I also know it can add a nudge of encouragement
therefore here are a few sites with reasonably priced active-wear:

Clothing Under $10
Old Navy
just my size
Rainbeau Curves
Forever 21

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