Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Get your life in order... or at least your wardrobe!

Well it's about time!

It's been quite a while since I have posted something, 
partly because I've completely ignored my "goals" for all of last year, 
and partly because... well I guess it's just the one. 
But I'm back and since the "year" doesn't start until Spring (in my book anyways) 
I am right on time! 

I've been back in school for two or so years 
and one of the most common comments I get from people is that they like my style 
and questions on how they could "look put-together" all the time. 
So I am here to share my tips for getting your wardrobe back on track in the new year. 

Now as I've said before, 
I consider my style fairly minimalistic and conservative. 
But you can take the general concepts and apply them to your style. 
That being said, let's get started:

You might want some caffeine before you start off on this adventure! 

- Wash all of your clothes and hang them up or fold them 
so you can see what you have to work with.
 Take a shower (without washing your hair if it's long because it will get all of your collars wet)
- Turn on a fan and start the fashion show! 
(no seriously, turn on a fan or you'll be hot and frustrated within the first three outfits)

I'm always running late so keeping the top part of an outfit on a single hanger saves time, and closet space!
When I'm in full-on adulting mode, I will have all of my clothes hung-up by the outfit
It also helps to check the weather report for the next day
and choose your outfit the night before just in case
you have to get ready in a hurry
But before you can organize your outfits, you'll need to see how your clothes fit you 
and what items complement each other:

- Try on your clothes and pair different items
until you find something comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

*psst, I mostly wear black and white with a pop of color,
but if you're having a hard time figuring out what goes together
colors that are across from each other on the color wheel make a great pair!

My outfits generally consist of an undershirt and a sweater, 
or a shirt with a cardigan /kimono  
- Put your newly formed outfits on a hanger for fast fashion.
I will place skirts and shorts together with the shirt I like to pair it with.
But since I usually just wear skinny jeans I do not pair them on hangers with the tops
(although there are some outfits that I like to wear specific jeans with). 
- Note that you may not always have a fully put together outfit, 
some of my outfits took time to make just right for my style.
- Set the oddballs off to the side for a rainy day, or laundry day, whichever comes first!
I will generally use these stray shirts for when I know I'll be wearing 
a heavy coat for a majority of the day so I don't "waste" a cute outfit.

I like adding this bird scarf to this so it's not so plain and it compliments the "V" pattern
Along with picking out tops and bottoms that go together 
- plan ahead what shoes and accessories fit the style best. 
Since I generally wear flats it's just a matter of choosing the color. 
- Likewise pick out which necklace or scarf and/or earrings to pair them with. 
It is unlikely that I will pair a necklace and scarf (since the necklace will be hidden)
or a necklace and earrings (because like I said, minimalist). 
I also rarely wear rings, bracelets, belts or hats so I don't incorporate them in my outfit planning unless I know I'll wear them for sure. 
But choose whatever works for you!

For example, I love wearing a cat-eye with red lipstick for this outfit!
I do not wear daily make-up
My reasoning being that when I do wear make-up, 
I want it to give an extra oomf and grant me compliments
rather than having to hear, "You look tired" on the days that I don't. 
That being said, there are some outfits that I know I want to wear make-up with.
For some it is because the outfit is dressed down and I want to dress it up,
in other cases it's because I want to be extra girly
- If you're into it, take time to find what make-up looks you like with your outfits, you do you!
- If you're into nail polish, get your nails done or paint them yourself for a finished look.
Or if you're like me and don't paint your nails very often*, 
just give them a trim and a swipe of a nail file to even them out.

Most importantly have fun finding new ways to express yourself and above all remember: 
Confidence is Key!

Want to know what I use to wear? Check out the video on my style through the ages!

*I used to paint my nails quite often but when I got back into art I would get frustrated when I went to brush away eraser dust and a semi-circle of my nail polish would appear on my page!

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